University of Ilorin

Ilorin, Nigeria

Students from the following bachelor's degree programs at the University of Ilorin are eligible to apply for the follow master's programs at GW's School of Engineering & Applied Science:

If your bachelor's degree is in: You may apply to:
Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science M.S. in Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical Engineering M.S. in Computer Engineering OR M.S. in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering M.S. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Bachelor of Science, Management Science M.S. in Systems Engineering

Unilorin students must follow the standard Master's Program Admissions Requirements, with the exception of taking the TOEFL or IELTS exams - Unilorin students are exempt from this requirement.