Recap: 2017 R&D Showcase

February 27, 2017

On Wednesday, February 22, the School of Engineering & Applied Science held its 11th annual Student R&D Showcase in the Science and Engineering Hall. Over 116 undergraduate and graduate students submitted poster presentations, which were displayed on the main floor of the SEH, and judged by faculty and industry professional for prizes.

See a full recap of the competition in GW Today and on the ECE department site.

Congratulations to the following graduate student winners!:

Theoretical Poster Category

  • 1st Place ($5,000) - Nima Mobadersany, MAE graduate student, for “Perforation of cell membranes using contrast agent microbubbles in the presence of ultrasound” (Mentored by Professor Kausik Sarkar)
  • 2nd Place ($4,000) - Jingxin Wu & Maotong Xu, ECE graduate students, for “Routing, fiber, band, and spectrum assignment (RFBSA) for multi-granular elastic optical networks” (Mentored by Suresh Subramaniam)
  • 3rd Place ($3,000) - Mahdis Bisheban, MAE graduate student, for “Computational geometric system identification” (Mentored by Professor Taeyoung Lee)

Experimental Poster Category

  • 1st Place ($5,000) – Elizabeth Manning, CEE graduate student, for “The role of viscosity in mesophilic anaerobic digestion” (Mentored by Professor Rumana Riffat)
  • 2nd Place ($4,000) - Qinmin Zheng, CEE graduate student, for “Achieving sustainable water purification: tailored graphitic carbon nitride for the removal of organic persistent contaminants” (Mentored by Professor Danmeng Shuai)
  • 3rd Place ($3,000) - Christopher Gloschat, BME graduate student, for “Novel capacitive electrode for cardiac model” (Mentored by Professor Igor Efimov)

Runners-Up Awards ($1,000 each towards conference travel to present research):

  • Jaclyn Brennan, BME graduate student, (experimental) for “Differential electrophysiological effects of β1- vs β2- adrenergic stimulation in the isolated canine right atrium” (Mentored by Professor Igor Efimov)
  • Yuanfei Bi, CEE graduate student, (theoretical) for “Free energy landscape and nucleation pathways of gas hydrate nucleation” (Mentored by Professor Tianshu Li)
  • Zhitong Chen, MAE graduate student, (experimental) for “Novel micro-cold atmospheric plasma device for cancer treatment” (Mentored by Professor Michael Keidar)
  • Kara Garrott, BME graduate student, (experimental) for “Chronic activation of hypothalamic oxytocin neurons improves cardiac function in a rat model of left ventricular hypertrophy-induced heart failure” (Mentored by Professor Matthew Kay)
  • Mahmudul Hasan, CEE graduate student, (experimental) for “Optimizing the dewatering of sludge obtained from different treatment processes along with the full scale application” (Mentored by Professor Rumana Riffat)
  • Engin Kayraklioglu, ECE graduate student, (experimental) for “Mitigating communication costs in emerging parallel programming languages” (Mentored by Professor Tarek El-Ghazawi)
  • Shankar Kulumani, MAE graduate student, (theoretical) for “Robotic autonomous exploration via exact occupancy grid mapping” (Mentored by Professor Taeyoung Lee)
  • Margaret Nowicki, MAE graduate student, (experimental) for “Four dimensional printing of gradient scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering” (Mentored by Professor Michael Plesniak)
  • Hongchen Shen, CEE graduate student, (experimental) for “Graphitic carbon nitride as a promising antimicrobial photocatalyst” (Mentored by Professor Danmeng Shuai)

Entrepreneurship Prize Competition ($2,000 each):

  • Evan Kaufman, MAE graduate student, for “A robotic vacuuming software tool with autonomous exploration via exact occupancy grid mapping”
  • Ivan Suarez Castellanos, BME graduate student, for “SonoInsulin: an ultrasound based treatment for type 2 diabetes”
  • Shuai Sun, ECE graduate student, for “Hybrid photonic plasmonic interconnects (HyPPI)”
  • Zhehan Yi, ECE graduate student, for “A centralized power management system (PMS) for grid-connected photovoltaic-battery distributed generation systems”

AgileTrailblazers Innovation Award ($2,000):

  • Connor Roberts, EMSE graduate student, for “Internet of Things device for a safer, more efficient medical asset management system.”