Admitted Students: Next Steps

Next Steps for Admitted Students

  1. Review your admissions letter
  2. Complete the online enrollment form and deposit
  3. Access the GWeb Information System
  4. Create a GW email account
  5. Review appropriate sections of the University Bulletin, Schedule of Classes and Core Courses
  6. Review DegreeMAP
  7. DC Immunization Law for all Incoming Students under the age of 26
  8. Get health insurance
  9. Register for classes and/or EAP/AES
  10. Plan for academic computing
  11. Settle your student account
  12. Get your GWorld card
  13. Plan your housing
  14. Download the Graduate Resource Guide
  15. Join the Facebook group & download the Welcome Week app


1) Review your offer of admission. 

  • Your academic department should have sent you an email concerning your admit status, including any prerequisites or conditions of admission. 
  • If you have any questions regarding your admissions letter, please contact, NOT the department.

2) Complete the online enrollment form and deposit.

  • U.S. citizens: If you have accepted your offer of admission, please follow the instructions and link on this page to pay your enrollment deposit.
  • International studentsIf you have been offered admissibility pending financial certification, you must first complete the intent to enroll form and indicate whether you would like to accept your admissions offer, defer to a future semester, or decline your offer. 
    • You will not be formally admitted until the receipt of all financial documents required for the processing of I-20 or DS-2019 forms have been received by our office. Click here for more information on visa requests.
    • You will receive an email from us once your enrollment form has been processed which will allow you to proceed with the following steps.

3) Access the GWeb Information System.

  • Go to GW Student Portal and select the "GWeb Info System" link from the top left menu of the page.
  • To log in, you will need to enter your GWid and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your GWid can be found on your admissions offer letter. By default, your PIN is your date of birth in one of the following formats: MMDDYY or MMYY99.
  • The system will list the personal information we have for you, such as billing address and contact information.

International Students: You will not have access to your "GWeb Information System" until you have received your I-20 or DS-2019 form in the mail.

4) Create a GW e-mail account.

  • After accepting the offer of admission, you can create a GW email account through the Virtual Help Desk's Account Center. See the Help Desk Account Center for detailed instructions and online assistance.
  • NOTE: Once your GW email account has been set up, all official correspondence from the university will be sent here. If this is not an email account you expect to check frequently, please set up mail forwarding to have your emails sent to an account that you check frequently. The university is not responsible for you missing out on information sent to your GW email account.

5) Review appropriate sections of the University Bulletin, Schedule of Classes, and Core Courses.

  • Academic policies, course descriptions, degree requirements, fee information and financial regulations are provided in the University Bulletin.
  • Core Courses guidelines can be found on your respective department's website.
  • The official schedule of classes for the upcoming semester are also provided here. You will need to log in using your Net ID, or GW e-mail login combination.

6) Review DegreeMAP.

  • DegreeMAP is used to track your courses and credit hours for degree completion. Although incoming students will work primarily with their graduate professional advisors on DegreeMAP, students should still familiarize themselves with the program. 
  • For incoming students, access will be provided the month prior to the first semester of classes.

7) DC Immunization Law for all Incoming Students under the age of 26.

  • The District of Columbia Immunization Law requires that all students under the age of 26 provide proof of certain immunizations prior to registering for classes at GW.
  • All students must have forms submitted by: August 1 for Fall Admits; January 1 for Spring Admits. Forms must be submitted to the GW Student Health Service office.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the GW Student Health Service office or email questions to

8) Health Insurance.

  • All students with U.S. citizenship may voluntary enroll in the university's health insurance plan through Aetna Student Health. Visit the GW Student Health Services office for more information.

International Students: The university automatically enrolls all F-1 and J-1 visa holding international students in GW's Aetna Student Health Plan. This will be charged to your student account, along with your tuition fees. Please visit the Student Health Center for more information regarding the student health insurance policy at GW.

9)  Register for classes and/or EAP.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to make a Skype appointment with their Graduate Professional Advisor prior to registering for classes.
  • You may register for classes on the GWeb Information System, unless your academic program or dean's office has provided you with other specific instructions for registration.
  • Consult the Schedule of Classes for course details. You will need to use your NetID combination to log in.
  • NOTE: Penalty fees apply if you register for any class during the first week of classes OR drop classes after the first week of classes. See the Registrar's Office for more details.
  • If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the SEAS Graduate Advising team at

International Students: If you were admitted with a TOEFL score lower than 100 or IELTS score lower than 7.0, you are required to register for an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course during their first semester at GW. The specific EAP course that is required will be indicated in the student's letter of admission (if you have not received this notification, please refer to this page.) Students assigned to an EAP course should anticipate additional tuition expenses as well as a possible extended period of time required to complete their degree programs.

In addition, the International Summer at GW also offers the Applied English Studies (AES) program, a non-degree program for international graduate students who require additional English-language instruction prior to admission and enrollment in a GW graduate program. Specific information about AES placement, courses, tuition, and more can be found here. If you are required to participate in AES, it will be indicated on your admissions letter.

10) Plan for academic computing.

  • Review the website of GW's Division of IT, the central IT hub at GW, for any questions or help regarding Internet access, online account systems, software downloading, etc.
  • SEAS students must also request a separate account for accessing SEAS Computing Facilities in Tompkins Hall.

11) Settle your student account.

  • Once you have registered for classes, a Statement of Account will be emailed to your GW email account regarding the payment due date. Review the materials carefully.
  • NOTE: Payment is typically due before the first day of the semester or summer session, or by the first day of class for courses offered in a timeline other than the traditional semester or summer session.
  • If you would like pay your account in person or have questions, please visit Colonial Central for the Student Accounts office.

12) Get your GWorld card.

  • The GWorld card is the official identification card for George Washington University students, staff, and faculty. Your GWorld card is used to access the library, the Science & Engineering Hall, and other important campus facilities. It may also be used to pay for copy and printing services, as well as food at restaurants on and off campus.
  • To obtain a GWorld card, you must go to the GWorld Card Office no earlier than one month prior to the first day of classes. You must have present your GWid number, passport/government-issued ID, AND be registered for at least one course at GW.

13) Plan your housing. 

  • There is no on-campus housing for graduate students. Incoming students must seek housing in one of the neighborhoods surrounding GW.
  • Information on off-campus housing is available at
  • Students may also join the Facebook group for SEAS graduate students and alumni to inquire about housing and roommate availability.

14) Download the Graduate Resource Guide. 

  • For additional information not covered on this page, please access the Graduate Resource Guide published by the GW Graduate Admissions Office. It provides an overview of GW services and policies that are particularly important to graduate students. 

15) Join the Facebook group & download the Welcome Week app.

  • Need a student or alumni's perspective on courses, professors, and housing? Request to the join the Facebook group just for past, current, and incoming SEAS graduate students.
  • Download the app for Welcome Week events and other information on the App Store and Google Play.

For questions about any of the above steps, contact