2016-2017 SEAS Graduate Ambassadors

Anderson Thomas

Anderson Thomas - M.S. Computer Science

Anderson Thomas is pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science. Originally from Texas, Anderson earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Trinity University. His interest in computer science arose after studying abroad in India. In his free time he enjoys playing in the park with his dog, reading and traveling.


Anna Gabriela Porras Santolamazza

Anna Gabriela Porras Santolamazza - M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering

Anna Gabriela is from Bogota, Colombia. She majored in civil engineering and is currently enrolled in the Five-Year Combined Program to complete her Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. During her undergraduate career, she researched molecular simulation of methane hydrates with Dr. Tianshu Li. Additionally, she was an intern for Clark Construction under the Concrete Self-Performed division. Anna Gabriela was an active member of ASCE, Co-Captain for the Concrete Canoe team and Vice-President in her senior year. At GW, she was an All-American athlete and a two-year captain in the Women’s Squash Varsity team. In her free time she enjoys biking, dancing and traveling.


Bharathi Balasubramanian

Bharathi Balasubramanian - M.S. Engineering Management

Bharathi is pursuing Master of Science degree in Engineering Management. She is from Mumbai, India, and earned her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. After two years of working in digital marketing, she realized that Engineering Management was the most ideal field to pursue for her career growth. Her area of interests are technology management, project and supply chain management and risk analysis. During her free time, she likes to read, cook and take advantage of DC’s museums.


Kenise Morris

Kenise Morris - M.Eng Regulatory Biomedical Engineering

A native of Maryland, Kenise received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a Minor in Biophysics from GW in 2016. Kenise's interest for medical devices and the regulatory science for the development of devices led her pursue a Master of Engineering in Regulatory Biomedical Engineering. She believes that no matter how much potential new device might have, it's pointless if it cannot be placed on the market. She hopes to obtain an internship with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or similar agencies to acquire a hands-on experience with regulatory issues associated with medical devices. During her free time, Kenise likes to enjoy D.C., try new restaurants, cook, travel and read.


Marija Stefanovic

Marija Stefanovic - M.S. Engineering Management

Marija is pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering Management & Systems Engineering with an area of focus in Environmental & Energy Management. She is from Belgrade, Serbia, where she received her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. She has 15 years of experience in supervising large construction projects for leading international construction and consulting companies. She is particularly interested in the energy efficiency of buildings and is passionate about environmental issues. In her free time, she enjoys biking, reading and traveling. 


Mimi Nguyen

Nguyen Le Hoang (Mimi) Nguyen - M.S. Systems Engineering

Nguyen Le Hoang is from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She recently graduated from GW with a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and is now pursuing her Master of Science in Systems Engineering with an area of focus in Environmental and Energy Management. In her spare time, she enjoys eating good food, watching rugby and working out.