2015-2016 SEAS Graduate Ambassadors

Bharathi Balasubramaniam

Bharathi Balasubramanian

Bharathi is pursuing Master of Science degree in Engineering Management. She is from Mumbai, India, and earned her bachelor’s in computer engineering. After two years of working in digital marketing, she realized that Engineering Management was the most ideal field to pursue for her career growth. Her area of interests are technology management, project and supply chain management, and risk analysis. During her free time, she likes to read, cook and take advantage of DC’s museums.


Kelsey Edwards

A native of West Orange, New Jersey, Kelsey is a senior undergraduate student in the Columbian College of Arts and Science studying Sociology and Human Services & Social Justice with a minor in sustainability. She is enrolled in a five-year program to also pursue a Master of Public Administration at the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. In addition to her studies, Kelsey is a DC Reads tutor with the AnBryce Foundation, co-founder/treasurer of GW's Ubuntu Service Group, and a participant in Alternative Breaks. With a passion for social justice, human development, and the environment, Kelsey plans to continue advocating for broader systemic change upon graduation. 


Kara Garrott

Kara is from Orlando, Florida, and graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2013 with a bachelor's in biomedical engineering. She spent the summer after graduation working in a Tanzanian hospital repairing medical equipment. Currently, Kara is working towards a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering under the guidance of Professor Matthew Kay. She has enjoyed learning the intricacies of cardiac electrophysiology, and is investigating pressure development in the heart under different conditions. In her free time, Kara enjoys running, biking, occasionally swimming, and reading.


Yulia Kushner

Yulia is a global citizen - originally from Moscow, she has lived in sunny Boulder, Colorado, small-town Newark, Delaware, and now metropolitan Washington, D.C. Yulia received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics and a language certificate in German from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009. After graduation, Yulia worked in mainframe operation and volunteered as a language interpreter, math tutor, and multiple positions with Planned Parenthood for the past several years. She is pursuing her Master's degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Multimedia, Animation, Graphics and User Interfaces. In her free time, Yulia likes to hike, try new food, and drink many soy chai lattes.


Kerlin Robert

Kerlin is pursuing the Master of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with an area of focus in solid mechanics and material science. She received her Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering from Hindustan University in India. Kerlin's undergraduate research project titled "Progressive damage and failure strength of Kevlar epoxy composite at low displacement rates" was published in the International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. Her research interests include nanomaterial in biomedical engineering and failure of composite materials. Her future plan is to contribute to the research in either of these fields through a doctoral degree. Apart from academics, Kerlin enjoys reading, cooking and acting in plays.


Marija Stefanovic

Marija is pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering Management & Systems Engineering with an area of focus in Environmental & Energy Management. She is from Belgrade, Serbia, where she received her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. She has 15 years of experience in supervising large construction projects for leading international construction and consulting companies. She is particularly interested in energy efficiency in buildings and is very passionate about the environmental issues. In her free time, she enjoys biking, reading and traveling. 


Ivan Suarez

Ivan is a doctoral student in biomedical engineering. Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Ivan received his bachelor's in biomedical engineering and master's in electrical engineering from SEAS. As a master's student, Ivan worked on his thesis in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a project involving image quality assessment of full-field digital mammography systems. His doctoral research studies the use of ultrasound to stimulate and enhance hormonal secretion from endocrine cells. Ivan is passionate about soccer and is an avid supporter of all DC-area sports teams.


Yin Yiing Yeoh

Originally from Malaysia, Yin participated in the American Degree Transfer program and transferred to Boston University during her sophomore year. She earned a double degree in Business Administration and Economics. Upon graduation, she worked as a Financial Account Manager for interior designers. She is currently pursuing the Master of Science in Cybersecurity in Computer Science. Her interest towards cybersecurity arose from her personal experience with ransomware and she is interested in analyzing honeypot and botnet. Yin is also a competitive ballroom dancer and has been competing in various collegiate competitions.